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very good site
i love and admire your work sister and may Allah gives you what you deserve and keep it up . Your Website
Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatuh please spread this site and use it in invite non muslims,it's in many languages. islamic site from its true sources, the Qur'an and Sunnah (Authentic Prophetic Traditions)
"ALLAH/GOD bless you" for your courage and efforts for a more just society.
Jesus christ is lord and saviour gospel hymns songs of worship praise.
We met at Azizah Magazine's Anniversary Gala in Atlanta. I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you and hear you sing. Can't wait to share your music with my friends:-) Take care.
good guest page. thank you.
Beautiful music. Beautiful dream. To those who would detract from the message by focusing on the superficial shame on you. All of you, from the racist rants to the holier than thou critics whose only focus apparently is on surface issues and not on what is really important, For Shame! In my humble experience those who yell the loudest about superficialities are usually the least observant when it comes to real spirituality. Aisha bint Talha once said "Since the Almighty hath put on me the stamp of beauty, it is my wish that the public should view the beauty and thereby recognized His grace unto them. On no account, therefore, will I veil myself." Since when is praising God through music a solely male prerogative? And more importantly, Why should it be? Praising God and bridging cultures through music has a long and honorable history. Music crosses boundaries and enables connections not otherwise found. This is not exploitation it is cross cultural dialogue. It allows doors to understanding to open that otherwise might stay closed. No longer can anyone afford to live shut off and hidden from others in this shrinking world. What effects one of us effects all of us. The Danger is very real for all of us when we can not find common ground. Those who encourage dialogue and build bridges should be encouraged not criticized. From one who is neither Jewish nor Muslim. From one who is an American born abroad but brought up in the states, whose Grandparents came through Elis Island following their dreams. From one who has a relative who survived the twin towers. From one who appreciates beauty where ever it may be found and appreciates anyone who has the courage to stand up be heard. Salute!
dear sister in Islam salam Alaykum Rahmatallahi wa barkatuhu There are no words to praise you after reading your biography, just I can pray Almighty Allah for your good health and prosperiety. Really you are doing a noble service to Islam. As I am President of Imamululoom Educational Society congradulate you for your efforts for Islam. and Inshaallah invite you to India as a chief guest for our art exhibition entitled "Adam to Muhammed (pbuh)" which depicted the universal message of peace brought by all prophets from Nuh, Abraham to Muhammad(pbuh). If you want to know more about our organization, work etc. pls do not hessitate to ask us. Take care of your self. with best regard Ma salam. your brother in Islam syed Nasiruddin Viquar President IMAMULULOOM EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY P.O. BOX 1481 SAYEEDABAD, HYDERABAD, INDIA TEL. 65702810
Hi Zu, i'm blessed and you're blessed better.... it's my dream for HIS kingdom to come" where, the still of GOD will fill the land as waters fill the sea, there will be no more weeping, no more killing..... the lion will lie down to the lamb.... you are doing it and i'm wanting to do it.... to make a highway for the coming of the "messiah" for all the three monotheistic faiths, Judaism, Christianity & Islam,..... we are all Children of Abraham...... NO one can say otherwise..... we are one...... we love you, zuriani.....
Cool Site.
And Jesus Christ,God´s Son id the only way to God´s herats savation to evelasting life,help the lost that find this mysterious Jesus,pray for blessed revivals soon,thanks and bless and hope,keijo sweden
Nice Thank you site cool Thank you
Nice site!!! Thank Thank you Nice site cool !!!
I listened to your MP3 download. Very inspirational, cutting edge and insightful. The Music is amazing. I designed a forum that promotes the same message that you promote in your music. I've been preaching the same message for a very long time! Im going to link this page in our forum for our members to check out! We need more of us Muslims bringing this message to the forefront of people's minds! Forum Admin
Wow great site! Some really helpful information there. I’m sorry for little off-topic, but I want to ask you about design of this site. Did you make this template yourself or got from any templates website? Looks pretty cool for me. Wonderful well this reading.
Just received your 'Ummah Wake Up' CD & absolutely love both the music & the message. Beautiful way to live your faith - by spreading the true message of Islam - peace, love, respect for others, & tolerance. This needs to be declared from the rooftops so that those who choose to judge others by their narrow definition of Islam can open their eyes & ears & hearts to the possibilities...
very good , useful site
Interfaith is not only halal, but necessary for life on this earth. Allah swt teaches us that Allah made people differant from eachother so that we might know each other, and we cannot love Allah without loving others as well. And if singing (not being Brittney Spears) is haram, then the only thing making it haram is a woman's voice. and if a woman's voice is haram, then she isnt allowed to speak in public, and perhaps not at all. It isnt the medium, its how you use it.
Hi. I like this!!!
Wasalaam alaikum sister. I absolutely agree with "Zonja" do not pay any attention to those who give words of judgement on you. It is ONLY ALLAH who can judge us all, end of story. Shukran for standing up for Islam...and peace. Keep singing sister, may Allah bless you.
Jesus Christ is the way, the life and the truth
assalamualaikum!!! dear ani... oleh krana kamu org mlayu ckp bhse mlyu je lah... sy hrp awk dalami lah ajaran islam... dont use islam as a way to be popular.. jgn bina jln yg akn buat lbh ramai lg tersesat... one thing u should noe...maner bole kalimah Allah ltak skali ngan lambang salib dan yg swaktu dgn nya...suka suki jek...kalo nk bimbing org lain msk islam...jadilah muslimah yg sjati dulu...specially bout the hijab... hurmm...tu je lah...salam..
Hey Ani, I was already impressed by your persona and vision, and I had no idea you were such a gifted cutting edge singer and song writer. You are making history with your music in the Muslim and greater world. I will be purchasing your CD ands spreading the word. You are doing some really beautiful work! In Peace, Wilfredo
Hi Ani The more i learn about you and your thinking the more I like you. The Middle Path indeed. Mo
i greet you
My God woman, you cant sing for beans...seriously...and telling people that you sing for the soul of Islam,honestly, is this the soul of islam for you?????? Looks more like your using Islam to promote yourself and your album... ..Get a life and stop torturing us.
So glad to find your site. My friend and I (From Australia) met you in 1995 at a showcase you did at Tower Records (i think) in Santa Monica. To this day 'Candle Dance' remains one of my favourite songs. So glad you are still out there making beautiful music. I've thoroughly enjoyed the music on your site and also your journal entries. Take Care and Stay Strong!
Salaam, Great songs! Please write a song about Islamic Spain and dedicate it to Latino Muslims.
Ironic lives of the elderly muslims. They pray while their sons and daughter party. Music will wake us up, and give unguided youth a slow transition back toward Islam. I love this music and what it stands for HOORAH!
wat the heck do u think u r doing.... obscenity has lost the boundaries i presume... r u insane? wat is with using islam to make a name for urself.... islam was not spread or made understood through musicians!!... n if there were any sufi's who did it....u are not one to immitate them.... get a life plz...
Assalaamu Alaykom sister, Please don't be bothered by the comments against you I am sure you already know people are judgemental. I am proud of you and proud that you are standing up for Islam. May Allah bless you in your efforts and give you a long healthy life to promote Islam. I love the quote from your homepage its really touching and thoughtful:)
best of goodluck
are you for real???
Salams Just wondering...are you in any way related to Irshad Majni?
Asalaamu'alaikum SubhanAllah, if you truly loved and honoured the Prophet (saw), the Umm'al Mu'mineen and ESPECIALLY Khadijah (RA), you would not make a video COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY CONTRADICTORY TO THEIR ACTIONS. subhanAllah.
Fuck you. If you don't like it over here take your stinking veils and piss off back!
can i buy your cd in holland?i am very interested in your sound i am a musician too respect for you may peace with you insallah
Hi there!!! Signing your site... not bad at all!!! Simply and great!!! I wanna know your opinion about my :)
To all the people who judge another on this website let me tell you all something. For the people who judge, just let it be known that you are no better then the person you are judging. You dont have to agree with what you read/hear, but a person who is sided by Allah does not judge. Let god be the one that everyone answers to on judgment day and teach yourself to be a better person before you point the finger at another. Ani, do what you feel brings you closer to allah and ignore the bad comments for these people are not better muslim's then you. May peace be with you insha`allah
Nice voice...
Great site!
Ani--You have a gifted voice and your courage is an inspiration to me. Above all, it is such a pleasure to know that you're a Muslim!
Apparently, the lady is not wearing hijab because she chooses not to. If a sister's voice excites you too much, please stuff parsley or something in your ears. In the meantime, rock on, Ani. Signed: Another muslima who can think for herself, al-hamdu li-illah. y isnt this lady wearin hijab? if shes trying to teach muslims about Islam, she should at least wear hijab becuase other people may see her as a roe model and follow what she does. no.2 it is haraam for a woman to sing in Islam, becuase a woman's voice is her 3awra; a part of her that she must not conceal to the public as her voice is attractive to the opposite sex. i dont get it, why is everyone cheering her on when she doesen't seem to be practising what her faith preaches? im not God to judge whether she is a good muslim or not but i think for a woman to conceal her beauty is a fundamental oart of Islam, and shes going against everything...
The last four weeks have been mind-boggling and blowing in myriad and sundry ways. I talked to Vicki Bier, another virtual professional colleague from the risk analysis professionals mailing list who has been helpful in this time. Vicki knew Denice Denton because they overlapped at the University of Wisconsin, where Dr. Denton was dean, I think before becoming Chancellor at UC-Santa Cruz. I assumed that the stalking the preceeded Dr. Denton's untimely demise came from rabid rightwingnuts. I had known that she had been physically stalked by angry students in a parking garage. I assumed it was rabid rightwing nutcases. I learned this morning she was stalked by fucking UC-Santa Cruz mooslems. These dumbphuque a rabs can't get it up to get out of america an go back to eye-rack or lib nan but boy can they get their closet gay thang on to stalk a dyke chancellor. the student mooslem population at UC-Santa Cruz are fucking stupid, sexist, homophobic a-hole moonbats. yo soy une dyke, you dirty mooslems! u a rab folx is in big ephing trouble.
I listened your songs.I things to me very attractive and I think by listening this types of music many people may have the sympathy of islam and those who have bad idea about islam they can understand what islam is
Thanks for that. It's always very hard to find something useful
I'm really impressed!
Wonderful place
Assalamua'laikum i'm indonesian and tell me about ur family..are u doing what Khadijah doing for her family? i just open ur site for the first time. Wassalam, Julaiha
This is an awesome website. With all respects you are beautiful.
i am in love with you :-)!
Dear Ani, I heard you on NPR today. May God bless you with a thousand blessings! Before I had my daughter ten years ago I did a lot of Interfaith work respresenting Hindus. I continued for a little while longer but then caring for my father in law became much more demanding. He's nearly 90 now. You have a great gift. May god sing through your voice and help bring hope to those of us who know that peace and even victory come through love, deep, powerful, perhaps maternal love. Best wishes to you and your "sister" Naomi. Your long lost, now found sister, Poonam
Hi, ani hope that u understand my inglish i dont speak well in inglish. i so proud of u couse as a woman u can stay and work as a composer in america. saya harap u akan lebih berjaya lagi di masa akan datang, saya memang sungguh minat untuk berkerja di sana tapi tidak kesampaian kerna tidak ada pendidikan tinggi dan saya sungguh kagum dengan u bila saya terbaca berita mengenai u dalam akbar tempatan. saya harap u dapat cerita serba sedikit bagaimana permulaan u disana. terima kasih
Ahlan! I am studying arabic at my local community college and ourchased your CD after hearing about it on NPR. I love it! I listen to it constantly at work....thanks!!!!
I'd never heard of you before until this evening when I heard a pop song in the IKIM radion entitled "Insya-Allah" when I was waiting for the Azan. Upon hearing that the DJ said it is a song by Ani I search web and wow! how come I never knew this person exist... Keep it up. Love all your songs that is previewed on the web and will look for at music store. Salam.
Dear Ani, Asalamu alaikum. I just came across your site and would simply like to wish you all the luck inshallah. I think what you are doing is amazing and hope that many follow in your footsteps. May God help us always in showing the true meaning of Islam. I pray to God that he always be with you guiding you in the right direction and wish you, from the bottom of my heart, all the luck in the world to continue what you are doing. I'm going to let all my friends check out your site. Best wishes, alya
Ani you know me, I def support that which ya be doing! I liked Ummah Wake-Up but this new project could be even better... I like the acoustics best on "Made the Same" We gotta work more together in the future... Reza
Salaam Apa When are you going to crank up the guitars and give us some ummahtic anguish, steadfastness and strength!! care
I lived in KL for 4 years, Malaysian woman's voice is hot-honey on your ear, I look forward to listen to your 1 album, I have not listened to the samples, but I am sure you rock!
well done
Dear Ani, I am happy to visit your new site. It is great! Thank you for all the good work you do. You are a natural leader and an inspiration for rising young muslim women out there. Peace.
i love and admire your work sister and may Allah gives you what you deserve and keep it up . salaam dalah
very nice

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I'm really excited about this new collection of songs in a new genre "Islamic Hymns". I'm co-writing & co-producing it with George Landress with backing vocal arrangement by Michael Mishaw. The music borrows from classical music with lots of choral arrangements. The lyrics is in English and Islamic in content. 

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