Muslims for Progressive Values
I am a co-founder of this new organization along with Pamela Taylor. Our goal is to nurture progressive values in our society as practiced by Prophet Muhammad. We challeng Muslims to rethink the way Islam is practiced, and to create an umbrella entity of progressive Muslims and organizations in America.

Barack Obama for President

IMAN-International Muslimah Artists Network
IMAN is an organization dedicated to expanding opportunities and exposure to Muslim women in the arts. IMAN's network includes visual, performing, media artists, writers and poets and serve as a hub for community information and interaction. IMAN's aim is to empower, inspire and respect each other's individual way of expressing ourselves and our faith through art.

Reza Aslan
As close to a theologian rock star as it gets! An intelligent American Muslim thinker and speaker void of self-aggrandizement.

Scholar of the House
Scholar of the House is dedicated to the thought and scholarship of the distinguished Islamic scholar, jurist and professor of law, Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl. This website is solely owned and operated by Students, Supporters and Friends of Dr. Abou El Fadl. Dr. Abou El Fadl is an accomplished Islamic jurist and scholar, he is Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law where he teaches Islamic law, Immigration, Human Rights, International and National Security Law.

ASMA Society
An Islamic cultural and educational organization dedicated to fostering an American-Muslim identity and building bridges between American Muslims and the American public.

Sisters In Islam - Malaysia
Sisters in Islam (SIS) is a group of Muslim professional women committed to promoting the rights of women within the framework of Islam. Our efforts to promote the rights of Muslim women are based on the principles of equality, justice and freedom enjoined by the Qur’an as made evident during our study of the holy text.

Interfatih Communities United for Justice and Peace
Faith base social activism at its finest.

Singing and Speaking for the Soul of Islam

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singer / songwriter / producer / activist

I'm really excited about this new collection of songs in a new genre "Islamic Hymns". I'm co-writing & co-producing it with George Landress with backing vocal arrangement by Michael Mishaw. The music borrows from classical music with lots of choral arrangements. The lyrics is in English and Islamic in content. 

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